'58 Chev BelAir 2-door hardtop.
Bought this in '72 in Tucson, AZ for $225
 from the original owner.

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<     July 26, 2007      >
added Astro Supremes

March 10, 2008 Louvers -  Inside the hood, before + after welding in support

v     Adding louvers     v

October 29, 2011 Lowered some more - to where it should be!

I drove this beige '58 Chev BelAir home in February, 1972.
283, PowerGlide, 72,000 miles,
the owner bought this when he graduated from high school
 - he and his parents split the cost!
It had some interesting options:
Dealer-installed under-dash air-conditioning,
factory padded dash, EZI glass, parking brake warning light,
factory rear-seat speaker.
Chev didn't make many '58 BelAir 2-door hardtops as the
Impalas were only $149 more and much cooler looking.
Lowered it some in April, 1972.
Picked up some chrome-reverse wheels.
Added dual exhaust.
Painted the dash and inside moldings.
I laid out and painted the flames myself in July, 1974 with lacquer,
and pinstriped them (not very good)!
Nice driver, got lots of looks!!

<     May 1973     >

late October 1973

June 1974

late October 1973

July 7, 1992
Installing the '59 Mercury taillights

June 1995

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