Brad's Cars & Stuff...

Bear (left) and I building at Bear's Place Motorcycle Shop
 in St Paul.

'96 Fleetwood - LT1 engine, lowered, Supremes
purchased August '05

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'77 Seville - lowered, blacked out, purchased California, January '91

I'm retired now,
and work out in my garage every day.
I get tired quicker than the old days
but an hour or so reading
 is all I usually need to come back...

Chop a few inches out of the top and section a few out of the body on this '48 Olds convert when the '58 Chev is done...
It's been sleeping, waiting since 2001.

This one is going to the strip more this summer.
It's running pretty good now,
thanks to Skeeter Hilde!!
Grandson Joel and I are gonna have some fun!!!