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Original black paint +
panels by Jon Kosmoski's House Of Color in Minneapolis, MN
painted over Christmas, 1968
Pinstriping by Cliff Anderson, Jr., January 15, 1969

Installing factory Chevrolet headers
January 25, 1969

First car show - World Of Wheels - St Paul, MN
added polished Americans, Indy rear tires, some chrome
St Paul Auditorium, February, 1969

Car Show in the Austin, Mn Armory
March 15, 1969

In front of the house after the show
See the snow?

Ready for the strip, E Stock, 13.27 best time
 June, 1969

Ray Farhner Car Show - November, 1969
Minneapolis Civic Center

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Add lots of chrome, tach on the cowl, 4" chrome pipes, 
tunnel ram + two Holleys and hole in the hood
 in January - March, 1970
This is August, 1970 at the cemetery

April, 1971                                              July, 1971
In January, 1971 a thief broke in our garage and stole the wheels and tires off the Z28! 
These are the new ET-IIIs and bigger tires we bought.

August, 1971

<     Phalen Lake, August, 1971     >

owner Mary Anne
March 15, 1969

Ready for the strip, 10" slicks on 9" chrome wheels, headers, Hurst shifter, Sun tach
 June, 1969

Crisi - not yet 2 years old She's ready to go, too!!!

Ready for the strip,
 June, 1969

July, 1969
Car show at Apache Plaza

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August, 1970
Took some pics in the cemetery

May, 1970
Add the polished tunnel ram and 600cfm Holleys

<     August, 1970 at the cemetery     >

I like the view...