I bought my '40 Chev for $80 in October, '67 and have redone it a few times over the years...

Parked it in '85 until '01.  Sold all the louvered parts.
Brought it back out in 2001 with rebuilt engine, new power brakes, steering, windows & new wiring.

Reshaped front fenders - 3/2006

Cary Weissner punched over 630 louvers - Feb, 2011

I added a peak to the hood, too.

Redid the RF fender -
(before)           March, 2011

Welding inside frame back in after removing
 to punch  the louvers

Click on pictures to enlarge...

Changed the wheels - Spring 2007

There's a lot more to louvers than just punching
a couple of holes!!!

June 28, 2018
New back tires - 325R50x15 Nitto Drag radials - wore out the old ones...

Reshaped the RF fender - March, 2011

Bought new rear tires - 325-50R15s - May, 2011

Time to reshape the rear fenders and change the taillights Winter '11-12

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